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About DRS

Diana Rūta Stankevičienė


About me and my career

Diana Ruta Stankeviciene made her debut in Lithuanian fashion introducing her first collection in 1994

Throughout the 21 creative years of experience Diana presented more than 6o collections as well as countless stage outfits for many different bands and independent performers.  The designer was responsible for the stage appearance of youth bands „Saulės vaikai“ and  „Cacos“, she also worked with „Linksmasis Do“, dance theater „Gijelė“, created several stage outfits for very well known performers in Lithuania which to name a few would be Jūratė Miliauskaitė, Irma Jurgelevičiūtė, Rūta Zaikauskaitė, Piratų Kapitonas Flintas, gitaristas Tomas Varnagiris and many others.

Diana Ruta Stankeviciene – one of the most honoured designers of kids fashion in Lithuania

Her collections are always rewarded at national and international competitions of childrenswear. Diana’s works are valued for brave ar extraordinary experiments, which she calls games of the creative process. In 2002 she was the co-founder and one of the coordinators of the fashion event „24 mados valandos“ , in 2003 Diana and her friend/colleague Loreta Šulgaitė-Kvietkauskienė both worked on the creative project ‘Boruziu pavasaris’.

Mentioning her other bigger projects, in 2006 the designer worked on a collection called „Pilnaties raganos“ which was introduced as a collaboration with Lithuanian footwear designer Balys Kazakevičius. She also had her accessories collection called „Moters stichija“ that was introduced in 2008.

However, one of the most famous collections of Diana was called „Šlepetės, aš ir vynas“  presenting exclusive design evening slippers. The very fresh idea of having luxurious slippers caught attention of many, whilst one piece even got into the official Lithuanian Book of Records for being the biggest pair of slippers that was ever created in the country.

“What people usually ask me, is how do I choose a piece of clothing, accessory or a detail for an outfit that is right for me, that is trendy, that fits. These is no recipe that suits everyone, I say. But some pieces are just meant to be created for us.  You see it and you realise – this is me! And it is not that important what colour palette or what trend is most popular at that time. Because the fashion of today is very tolerant and democratic – it allows and forgives almost everything. What is important – it must be individual. It must be yours own.

I create collections as a poet rhymes.  However, not from words. From the fabric pieces. From the needle stitches. From lace and beads. From my own thoughts. Dreams. From everything and everyday.

There is some magic in this process – to give a life to things that are exanimate naturally. To do my job and let them talk and feel, to give every single piece that ability to be the one and only, individual. ”

During the creative process, I think about the person that the piece will be created for. That’s why clothing I create usually choose its owner itself.

If that is going to happen, please keep in mind that I created that brooch, belt, handbag or anything else especially for you.

And it is not important that we don’t know each other well. What is important – it is with love.

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